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Here’s one from the drawer of my office. The Tarpon BET from YETI Coolers is their Beverage Entry Tool. They bill it as the ultimate survival tool for keeping you hydrated in the field or on the water. The tool is yet another opener shaped like a fish. There is definitely a trend here that needs to be investigated. It’s a church key, twist-off wrench, and can tab opener. It is made from stainless steel and although small, it is quite solid. If you’re a fan of YETI coolers, then you definitely take a look at their tools too.

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This tool is pocket sized and perfect for carrying around the office, in search of a spontaneous happy hour. The opening in the center is notched and fits around a cap perfectly for those tough twist-offs. The tail has a traditional church key opener for popping open a cap. The additional notches on the tail are also useful for digging under troublesome can tabs.

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Overall, this is a nice compact opener with a variety of tools in its arsenal. And if you like fish-shaped openers, then the YETI Tarpon BET will definitely be a crowd pleaser.


Does it open? It can twist and pry any cap or tab, although it might take a couple tugs to get to your drink.

Can it do anything else? It can open anything with a pull-tab (e.g. sodas, beers, soup cans) and its tail may also be used as a screw driver. So if you need to sabotage your neighbor’s sprinkler control box, but you forgot your tools – you’re covered!

Overall rating: 3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5). This opener is small and handy. It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done.

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