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No trip to the beach is complete without a trip to the souvenir shop. If you walk past the suntan lotion and sunglasses, go behind the shelves of towels, turn left at the bikini coffee mugs, you’ll see a shelf full of shot glasses. And somewhere just off to the right you’ll find an assortment of bottle openers. Some are shaped like sharks. Some look like flip flops. But if you’re in a particularly classy beach shop, you’ll find the tiki.

In March we visited Padre Island National Seashore and Port Aransas for our Texas spring break. When we visited Moby Dick’s, it didn’t take long to sort through the impressive kitch bazaar for me to locate the prize. The tiki god called out to me.

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This opener from Beachcombers looks great. It literally stands 5-3/4 inches tall and weighs a smidge over 4 ounces. It feels balanced in the hand, although it could use a bit more weight to be truly satisfying. It is made of resin and I’d be skeptical that it could survive a full year of regular use without chipping. But let’s face it, nobody buys a bottle opener like this expecting to keep it in a tool chest.

As a tiki opener, I have high expectations. As we sat on the balcony and listened to the sea, I rubbed his nose before I popped the caps of my Shiner Blacks. I expected the gods to bathe us in sunshine the next day and treat us to free rum. Instead we got clouds and 40 mph winds.

_MG_8656 tiki

Clearly this is an opener to be respected and possibly feared. It continues to open bottles for me on the first pop every time, but I no longer rub its nose.


Does it open? With a decent grip, this opener does the trick.

Can it open anything else?  The skies. Fear the fury of the rum gods.

Overall rating: 3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5). This opener is not perfect, but it looks great and does its job. I’m concerned about its longevity and ability to hold onto its good looks, but only time will tell.

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One comment on “Tiki God Bottle Opener

  1. I want to see you use your teeth on one!

    Does it open? Yes, but painfully.
    Can it open anything else? Hearts and minds. Maybe a super computer using voice recognition.

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