Father’s Day

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_MG_8932 cardI had a great Father’s Day full of thoughtful gifts and gestures from my family. I could tell you all about those, but this is a bottle opener blog. So instead, let me tell you about the card I got from my dog.

IMG_2625 lucky

My dog Lucky is incredible. Without thumbs, pockets, or a driver’s license, she somehow managed to buy a very thoughtful card with an attached bottle opener.

The card includes a 4″ flat metal cap lifter. It’s light and could fit on a keychain. The opener is attached to the card via a strip of adhesive and thankfully pops off. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be nearly as functional.

Once plucked from the card, the opener works well for what it is. It’s small and lightweight. It’s extremely thin and not as sturdy as my preferred openers. However, it’s solid and does the work. It’s also nicer than the standard church key opener, in my opinion.

_MG_8927 card

By the way, the punchline on the card: “And the correct answer is… IT’S ALL EMPTY! Cheers to you!”



Does it open? The card doesn’t do much, but the attached opener does the trick.

Can it do anything else? Isn’t offering father’s day wishes enough?

Overall rating: 3 Stars (3 / 5).

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