The Quest for the Perfect Opener

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_IMG_8339_OpenersWe’ve all used many styles of bottle openers to pop the cap off a nice cold bottle of beer or soda. Some of them fit in a pocket. Some are at the bottom of a drawer. Some are tied to a cooler. Some are mounted on walls. And there’s always one person in the crowd who has one attached to his keychain, in case of emergency.

Some of these openers work well.  Some work eventually after a few twists. Some suck. And then you happen upon a well weighted, well crafted opener that pops open a bottle with grace. Suddenly that tool seems like a work of art.

Herein lies the quest for the perfect bottle opener. I’ve explored many common openers, novelty openers, ingenious designs, antique openers, foreign openers, and handcrafted openers. They all have their merits and many have their downfalls.

The journey begins.

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