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I spent a good chunk of my childhood roaming the streets and wooded paths of rural Pennsylvania seeking out old beer cans. Over the course of the late 1970’s, I amassed hundreds of cans proudly displayed along our basement walls.  Besides the standards of the day, I found many antique cans, rare cans, novelty cans, and exotics from Europe.

Enter this 2011 book titled Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans. This is a visual catalogue of Josh Russo’s collection as photographed and cataloged by Dan Becker and Lance Wilson. The book itself contains sparse amounts of text introducing particular cans or series of interest, but is mostly photographs. The photographs include nearly 500 cans from 30 countries. This collection includes a lot of forgotten brands, old labels from current brands, bizarre and eccentric pieces.

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For me, it is a walk down memory lane. The book itself is stark and simple, but beautifully designed and a nice addition to any coffee table or bookshelf.

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My beer can collection has been collecting dust in my parents’ attic for the past 30 years. This book was a great way to go back and relive the memories of many of them, without bringing them home and putting a marriage at risk.


Does it open?  Yes – as all books do.

Can it open anything else?  Your mind.

Overall rating: 4 Stars (4 / 5). A great piece of nostalgia and design. This book is a welcome addition for those who appreciate the history of beer or collectors of cans.

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